January 29, 2011

Wanna Look Like A Vampire? Weight Loss The Twilight Way!

Want to shed some pounds and need some incentive? Well if you are loving Twilight this chart with inspirational *air quotes* words of wisdom are for you. Print out and use this really cool and totally hysterical chart to keep you working towards your weight loss goal from Breaking Through...

Right now it is a tracking board to help keep us motivated through our challenge to meet our weight loss goals. Anyone can use it as motivation in their own weight loss journey. As it progresses we will be adding more elements. We weight in weekly. We divided the 12 week challenge into 4 phases, 1 for every book. There are goals for every book, you or/and your team can decide the goals, our goals for example are: Twilight Phase, eat an apple everyday. New Moon phase: Cut back those calories to 1200, "suffer" along with Bella. Eclipse Phase: get in 1 hour of activity a day to train with the Cullens. Breaking Dawn Phase: Drink 1 glass of pure unsweetened cranberry juice a day, like the blood Bella has to drink. Whoever loses the highest percentage wins. We are already working on making it a kit with other fun additions.
Download the full-size board HERE

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

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