January 11, 2011

Twilighters Fighting Anorexia - Now that's an Ashley Greene campaign I can get behind ;)

One Gossip is reporting Ashley Greene speaking out in the fight against anorexia:
Several celebrities inducing Ashley Greene and Rihanna are joining forces against anorexia.
The two stars have in fact responded harshly to attacks by Kenneth Tong, a young man through the social network Twitter promotes a kind of "organized anorexia."
Many Hollywood celebrities are not in fact go right down the claims of Tong, who through Twitter said it was unacceptable to be fat and that all women should be size zero.
Ashley Greene as he expressed his dissent, putting the words of his friend Caitie Uhlmann he "tweeted" his disgust of the controversial " anorexia organized "promoted by Tong. The actress in the series of "Twilight" has held:
"I agree (with her friend Caitie). Women should look healthy and enjoy life! And if you're a size zero to be natural because you feel that way, not because of starvation or hunger. I'm not even a size zero! Those are not standard on which to live. I promote a style of life healthy in the right way: eat well, exercise and work with what you have!"
Kenneth Tong has also attacked some celebrities such as Sophia Bush , actress of the TV series "One Tree Hill," the host of "X-Factor UK" Simon Cowell and even Rihanna. The singer of Barbados has been replicated on Twitter:Girls are dying all over the world because of people ignorant as this Mr. Kenneth Tong.
For someone so overtly in the public eye, I respect Ash for being aware of how images can have negative affect and being vocal about it!

Kenneth Tong can bite me :)

- Lorabell

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