May 31, 2010

Kristen & Taylor HQ Luna Park Fan Event Pics

Click for HQ

Who is loving the styling on these two?! Yellow skirts and leather jackets? Check and check!

Looks like it was a good time - can't wait for good videos to turn up :)

See more pics at KStewartFan - thanks TK

- Lorabell

Kristen & Taylor - 7PM Project Extended Interview

And so the junkets begin!

I'm actually really loving this interview - from the pics we've seen thus far, I was worried Kristen was going to be in a bad mood but they both seem to be enjoying it :)

Good times - thanks Swinkless

- Lorabell

Eclipse Tour Kicks Off Down Under...

Kristen and Taylor are out and about enjoying Sydney whilst in town for Eclipse promo:

Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the hugely popular vampire flicks, flew into Sydney on a Qantas flight from LA on Saturday night.

Stewart, who plays Bella Swan, arrived at 6.30am (AEST) on Sunday.

The pair enjoyed a jet boat ride on Sydney Harbour on Sunday, before paying a visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park in the city’s west.

They saw koalas, baby crocodiles and wombats during the trip.

On Sunday evening they had dinner at Bondi Icebergs.

Both were driven around in a convoy of Cadillac Escalade SUVs amid tight security and heavy media interest.

Teen heart-throb and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson is not with them, but fans will get a chance to meet their idols.

Stewart and Lautner are due to be grilled by fans in a Q&A session at Sydney’s Luna Park on Monday.

So-called Twi-hards lucky enough to score tickets to the event will be treated to a screening of the second Twilight movie New Moon after the Q&A.

See more pics (where Kristen doesn't look particularly pleased at being papped) at PopSugar

Thanks Coral

- Lorabell

May 30, 2010

Tom Cruise made $$$ off Rob's Filthy Hair?!

When this was first sent to me with that title I thought Tom was the one who stole Rob's cut off hair and then sold it!

Turns out it's just a promo for the MTV Movie Awards *phew*

Thanks GorgeousGraham and Shraddha

- Lorabell

May 28, 2010

Second BTS Video of KStew's Elle Shoot

Go screen-cappers, go!

I can not wait for many many outtakes too :)

- Lorabell

Eclipse International Tour Schedule Deets...

Mmm... fingers.

According to
May 31: Sydney, Australia.
Kristen and Taylor will be present for a Q&A event in Luna Park. The event will be run by Richard Wilkins but will be broadcast live via satellite from Sydney’s Luna Park into selected Hoyts cinemas.
June 3: Seoul, Korea.
Kristen and Taylor are slated to arrive on the 2nd; Pan Cinema has announced a press conference, a “red carpet appearance”, and a fan meet and greet at a special meeting on June 3rd.

June 17: Rome, Italy.
Eagle Pictures confirmed, via its web site today, that Kristen and Taylor are now set for an appearance in Rome. Few additional details are available.

June 21: Stockholm, Sweden.
The official twilight web site in Sweden announced that Taylor and Kristen would visit Stockholm on June 21st. Though a media press conference has been announced, details of any fan events have not been definitively confirmed.

June 28. Madrid, Spain.
According to Aurum Producciones, Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel are slated to appear in Madrid to promote “Eclipse”. Already scheduled are a press conference and a session for fans to meet the actors.

Berlin, Germany.
The final city that has been mentioned as part of the European tour is Berlin Germany, though no date has been confirmed.

Due to Rob’s shooting schedule for “Water for Elephants”, he will be absent for most “Eclipse” promo engagements that take place far outside of LA. In contrast to the “New Moon” promotion, which featured the three principal stars heavily, for “Eclipse” Kristen and Taylor will mostly be on their own. [
<---sad panda]

- Lorabell

P.s. No London? Comeon!

May 27, 2010

KStew US Elle HQ Scans - because somehow I missed these!

Click for HQ


Must. Buy. Magazine....s.

Seriously, am I the only one who plans on buying both the US and UK versions?

More at EverGlow

- Lorabell... my bad.

P.s. Dear @cmcmahonphoto I heart your work - go go gadget graphics ;)

PFach Accepts NMAs for New Moon & Eclipse...

Oh PFach *hearts*next time you're in London, call me, K? K :)

- Lorabell

Eclipse Soundtrack & Score Previews...

First, this is the preview of the Eclipse Score cover art - oooh!

Second, this is the preview of the Vampire Weekend track from the Eclipse Soundtrack - aaah!

- Lorabell

Alternative KStew Elle UK Cover!

Click for HQ

Who knew?! Awesome!

Rob's NMA Acceptance Speech...

New Eclipse TV Spot!

I'm out of the loop (wait, what?!) was this the same clip revealed at the NMAs?

(More to come on those later)

...I don't think it is but am surprised that's not already up on YouTube!

- Lorabell

May 26, 2010

New KStew Flaunt Outtakes!

I thiiink Sweet Stew is my fave...

PFach to Debut New Eclipse Clip at NMAs!

Update: Digital Spy appears to confirm the rumour:

A world exclusive clip of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will debut at tonight's National Movie Awards, Digital Spy has learned.

The footage will allegedly be delivered by secure escorted courier just hours before the ceremony begins at London's Royal Festival Hall.

Thanks Forks Mirror!

PFach is in town for the National Movie Awards and rumour has it that he's bringing an exclusive new Eclipse clip along with his charm - heart you Peter!

I'm trying to track down the source of this rumour but *fingers crossed*

How sad panda am I that I had tickets to this but can't go - ARGH!

NB: The NMAs are broadcast live on UK ITV1 from 8pm - 10pm :)

The Eclipse Pack - New Interview & Shoot with the Wolves

In a new interview, Tinsel, Julia, Chaske and Alex talk about the new dynamic of the wolf pack for Eclipse:

According to Alex Meraz, a 25-year-old who appears in the upcoming third installment of the blockbuster Twilight series, the actors who play the so-called “Wolf Pack”—a group of American Indian shape-shifters—became as close as their characters almost as soon as they arrived on set.
“We really rely on each other for support,” he said. “It feels like family.” His co-stars Tinsel Korey, 30, Chaske Spencer, 35, and Julia Jones, 29, agreed: “I felt, kind of instantly, like we had so much in common,” Jones said. Being in an intensely-hyped Twilight flick, she explained, “is a really specific kind of experience. We all feel we’re in the same boat.”
Read in full at InStyle

Gotta say, I'm cool with Chaske and Alex but Tinsel and Julia are the first of the pack that I'm actually really happy with!

- Lorabell

Dakota Runs Mattel 5k Marathon

Dakota ran, took pictures with fans and out cheered the mascot in support of the 11th Annual 5k Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA Benefit!

She's also pretty, talented, super smart, nice, has the best friends, most amazing job and is only 16... I don't feel like an under-achiever... much ;)

- Lorabell

Win RPattz Balloon Art-Work

No, that is not a typo. Rob and Mama Patttz teamed up to design:

this one-of-a-kind balloon artwork for PACT with STARS, "an auction of unique artwork by some of the biggest names in the world."
All proceeds will go toward PACT’s efforts to locate missing children and bring them home safely to their families.

Bidding will begin
today (May 25th) which is International Missing Children's Day.

If you're unable to bid on Rob's balloon or any other celebrities you can also buy the book of the artwork.
You can bid for Rob's art-work, which I think looks distinctly Dali-esque, on EBAY

- Lorabell

May 25, 2010

New KStew M/HQ Elle Scans!

Click for oh so gorgeous!
Woah, I did NOT know the UK got a different cover *Squeee*! Via KStew411

Excuse me while I'm died a little *THUD* can not WAIT to buy this tomorrow :D

- Lorabell

P.s. 1) If I were one half of "Robsten", I'd find it tough keeping it a secret too, 2) 10 bucks it was Taylor ;)

Twifecta to Present New Eclipse Clip at MTV Movie Awards!

Rob, Kristen and Taylor will be presenting an exclusive new clip of Eclipse at the MTV Movie Awards, June 6th:

Giving fans worldwide more of the beloved vampire film franchise they adore and vote tirelessly for each year, MTV today announced that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are confirmed to present an exclusive scene from the highly anticipated summer blockbuster “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” (in theaters June 30, 2010) at the “2010 MTV Movie Awards.”

Read in full at Twilighters

I wonder what clip it's going to be - I'm guessing some battle training, but hoping for some tent ;)

Don't forget to VOTE over at MTV!

- Lorabell

David Tweets Stunning New Alice Shot!

Click for

David Slade
twitpic this awesome shot of Alice and is apparently:
Now making the prints for your cinemas. We are officially one step away from the screen. In celebration here is a pick taken of Ashley during pre production.

- Lorabell

BTS Video of KStew's Flaunt Shoot

Great video :)

Screen caps via EdwardAndBella - thanks Mandy!

- Lorabell

May 22, 2010

Kellan & Momma Lutz PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

- Lorabell

Eclipse Board Game Cards with New Scenes!

Click for SPOILERS!

Oooh, tents are intense!

Oooh, Rosalie flashback!

This scene always gets me teary - if they show the flash-foward of their black-haired children, I'm done for!

Captain Whitlock - sir, yes sir!

I am died - Jasper has n-e-v-e-r looked so schmexy!

I thought Angela was valedictorian?

So it was a woolly hat!

Charlotte?! Maria!

Just pretty :)

Oooh - mystical!

Who's this?

Oooh, Mommy Clearwater?!

Order the Eclipse Board Game at Amazon :)

- Lorabell