March 31, 2010

New Eclipse Book Covers! Love It or Loathe It?

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Pre-order this one at Amazon

And pre-order this one at Amazon

Um... really? I wasn't really feeling the Eclipse poster, but I am feeling that first cover even less - just me?

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New Nommy Bel Ami Pics - I Spy A *Spoiler*!

Mmm, Rob in a tuxedo - I don't mind if I do!

Once again *Spoiler Alert!* ... do I spy a wedding ring?!? For some reason I find that very schmexy :)

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New JettStew & Rockota Runaways Stills

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I was actually luck enough to interview Dakota's character, the original Cherry Bomb, Cherie Currie :) which you can read over at t5m - here's an excerpt:

LB: What was it like to watch and relive your own story?

CC: There really aren’t words – it’s kind of like the feeling you have when you have your first child – it’s like indescribable. There are some things there just aren’t words for that would properly describe it – it’s absolutely the way I feel about this. It’s so incredible that my head still won’t wrap around it yet. It’s a dream come true… of the best kind – it’s like being reborn.

LB: Can you appreciate the bands’ experiences more looking back?

CC: It’s like trying on your favorite old jean jacket or your platform shoes – the ones you loved 30 odd years ago - you put them on and you‘re going to feel and love them the same as you did back then. [The Runaways are] associated with magical time in my life and I think the movie captures the 70’s and the times really well.

I think [the movie is] going to bring back the shag haircuts and platform shoes – it’s going to change style - it’s bringing back one of the greatest eras in music and decades in music, the 70’s and it’s really neat.

LB: Because you can’t fake the style, that’s for sure and what The Runaways did for music and style – specifically for women - do you think it continues to inspire against stereotypes?

CC: Well, that corset was my idea – I came up with that on my own and I saw that corset in a lingerie store across the street from the Starwood on Santa Monica Boulevard and I could not get my eyes off all the way from across the street. I’ll never forget seeing it in that window and going across the street and saying “I have to have that and I have to wear it for Cherry Bomb”. And I’m hearing that fashion designers are going to have corsets on the runway because of me – that’s just insane!

LB: Well, wearing something like that was really ballsy…

CC: It was unheard of! I don’t know where I got the guts but there was no stopping me when I saw that thing in the window - and I knew the girls weren’t going to be thrilled about, but I knew I had to – for that two and half minutes of time, just for Cherry Bomb, nothing else.

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm really sad Stew's "I Love Playing With Fire" isn't on the soundtrack :(

Ooooh, New Eclipse Stills! Good Hair or Bad Hair?

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I am especially liking the fireside shot :)


March 30, 2010

Bel Ami Pic Post of Sleek & Suity Rob Nom!

Anyone else rather liking all these shots of sleek and suited Rob? Mmm, I don't mind if I do :)

I can't think of a name for him though... the character's Georges Duroy - Georbert? That's the best I got :/

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What the Eclipse Poster should have looked like?

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Now that's more like it - some looming Victoria - me likey!

I'm not saying that I wasn't stoked to see the official Eclipse poster the other day, because I was - I'm just saying, that you can still be a whole HALE of awesome whilst not giving away too much... ya know?

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Gotta give a guy props for speaking Hungarian!

Oh Rob *slow claps* it ain't easy for a guy to look that cute whilst attempting a foreign language!

What a nice guy :)

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Oh P.s. Apparently that meant "thank you all for being quiet" :)

New Taylor Pics - Gah, I'm Trying Really Hard Not To Go Team Jacob...

Outtakes from "Spec" magazine... *phew* Taylor, you are not making this easy!

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