December 5, 2010

Win A Trip With Michael Welch!

Everyone's secret crush, Michael Welch is joining with The Thirst Project to help bring clean water to those who simply don't have it.

By joining the "Michael Welch 5 Buck Club" you won't only help with this project, which Mike commits to go to Africa and help build the actual wells himself but, he'll take one of the subscribers with him!

I love when Twilighters take time out to put their celebrity to good use, but LOVE that Mike is dedicated beyond the glitz and glamour of it all to - literally - dig in!

- Lorabell *going to donate now*

P.s. Whoever gets to go to Africa with Mike (assuming I don't win) please please PLEASE ask him to do "the dance" - trust.

Scoot to 7:00

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