December 1, 2010

"Sinful" Eclipse Advent Calendar Banned in UK?!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister sent me photos of this Eclipse advent calendar she found back home in the UK, which I then made her buy another one of to send to me in the post - natch ;)

However, I did not know that there's been an apparent uproar (making Jacob proud) in British stores about the calendar and its offense to Christmas!

Metro reports:
Christian Voice says mixing religion with the cult vampire series is ‘deeply offensive’ to Christians.
‘It’s sickening to see the message of Jesus Christ being hijacked to peddle a brand like Twilight, which to all intents and purposes proclaims an anti-religious cult,’ said Stephen Green, national director of the group.
‘Twilight may be fiction, but it is dangerous to mix-up such a story in the minds of impressionable children with that of the Nativity.’
The Twilight Eclipse calendar features a picture of actress Kristen Stewart, and her two rivals in love – Edward the vampire, played by Robert Pattinson, and Jacob the werewolf, portrayed by Taylor Lautner.
Tesco apologised if anyone was offended but said it always gives customers a choice, adding: ‘Twilight is a very popular brand and we aim to provide the types of products our customers would like to buy.’

Since when did fiction like Twilight become more offensive than The Simpsons whose calendars I see every year?

Yes, Twilight is about vampires which the Church may deem to be un-holy, but I don't think they're so stoked about Homer's anti-Flanders ways either.

Now go eat some chocolate and everything will feel a lot better :)

- Lorabell

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