December 14, 2010

More Breaking Dawn Script Spoilers - Lainey Answers The Rumours!

*Super Duper Spoiler Alert!*

OK, for TwiCrackers out there who were equally freaked about Lainey's previous Breaking Dawn rumours, read on and breathe deep:
On the death of the Cullens. - These are just visions of Alice. "It's a VISION. It's a neat device to introduce some action in a scene that otherwise would be static. You can not have a two-hour conversation in a movie. It would kill him. Of truth. "

"OK, so the first person whose head is out of Carlisle. Vision. Then everything goes to shit and all kinds of death occur. And Bella and Edward get together to kill Aro.

The editors of the site say: "I want it. I want Edward Moody. Pattinson is the most interesting to me when he is allowed to operate using facial expressions. Until then Edward is bound to be whining and crying and with a look why. Please let him be angry. And throw some shit around. "After Bella and Edward die too. All these other people also die. Jane and her brother. Many deaths on both sides. Emmett then bursts, says he's sorry. Wolves die and nobody will care [<--true story - LB]. I bet some even vibrate. (The audience). Everyone wakes up and lives happily ever after.

The script calls for a series of moments of daddy. [<--- Like I wasn't already broody enough - LB]Some funny things about Melissa Rosenberg.

"And, Breaking Dawn, as awful as the book was ... does not sound bad. As I'm really interested in seeing some of that. Especially in part 2. All good things are in Part 2. "And Rosenberg, for all that shit that people throw on her, she knows these players now and wrote some good words for his staff. Funny stuff. "Things said about Bill Condon and David Slade."I hear everyone on set is happier now than they were by the end of 2009. More relaxed, doing better with the director, Condon is more that way. And everybody likes to get up every morning - it makes a difference "Slade enjoyed some members more than others.

"Slade made a bad bargain. Basically happened "Yes, yes, we love it! We love you and your vision! Go do it! "Then it was," No, do not do it, hate it, do not change it, do not go there, leave it, the more it ... "That's tired. And he did not get along with everyone.

That's a big cast and Slade is not to please people. Stress happens. Oh well. Condon seems to be coping better.
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- Lorabell

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