December 5, 2010

How Did YOU Spend Eclipse Day?

*Deeeeep breath* wow, I feel better having finally listened to the Eclipse DVD commentary :) although I wish there were more of the deleted scenes - the alternative "third-wife" shoot with Kristen, Bella's "life with Jacob" flash-forward and ESPECIALLY Edward's human courting flash-back with green eyes - gah!

Anyway, after catching up over date night with @MandysMind, roomie and I made the midnight trek to WalMart for the Eclispe dvd and proceeded to stay up past 4am watching extras! #TwiHardCore

Although there weren't as many release events as with previous films (likely because most of the cast is filming Breaking Dawn down in Baton Rouge) director, David Slade did appear for a signing in LA:

Julia Jones also marked the occasion as part of the Quileute Nation's annual youth fundraiser in La Push:

And Tinsel Korey appeared at a Blockbuster midnight signing in LA:

How did you spend YOUR Eclipse day?

- Lorabell

P.s. Wasn't there meant to be Eclipse DVD "picture in picture" commentary?

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