December 17, 2010

Happy Twi-iversary, TwiCrackers!

I really mean it :)

Remember two years ago when the Twilight movie had only just come out, that Ron Pattison guy wasn't really that hot and you'd never heard of whoever-the-Hale that gal is who (doesn't have brown eyes) plays Bella?

You rushed home from the movie and Googled (just like Edward) your new personal brand of heroine and found... us :) You could say... we found each other *tear*

Oh, fellow TwiCrackers - today marks the day when Mrs TCA created the little blog we've all come to know and love - 730 days, 12257411 visits and countless friends and fun times later, here we are - on the (really prolonged) brink of Breaking Dawn :)

We've obsessively compared the Twilight book to the film, squeed when New Moon got the green light, freaked when they almost replaced Taylor, judged new casting decisions, tried (and failed) not to click on spoilers, waited at midnight releases, bought too much merch we won't admit to, met up at Brit-pack gigs and set locations, traveled to Forks!

Summer 2009, I joined Mrs TCA to help bring the growing mass of Twi-news to our bloggy family - we've posted HQ Rob jawesomeness, gif hilarity, premiere live-streams, photoshoot heaven, really bad Twi-tatts and spoilers galooore!

We've made bloggy and RL buds with too many sites to mention (seriously - I just tried to type out a list, concluded it was impossible and deleted) and love reading each and every single one of your comments :)

It's been an amazing couple of years and we're thrilled you still get your fix of TwiCrack with us...


- Lorabell

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