November 2, 2010

Twilight Cast Halloween Trick Or Treat?

Update: Apparently Billy Burke went as "Death Warmed Over" with wifey Burke as "his reason for living"... although I think she looks more like Ramona Flowers ;)

BooBoo got de-cuti-fied to scare at Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt

Kellan Lutz (and Samantha Ronson!) were boxers... I think?

Michael Sheen was Edgar Allen Poe - I get more and more why Rachel McAdams is dating him - bravo, sir!

Bronson Pelletier hobbled the Hollywood Junkies Halloween launch as a Surrey inmate - Holla Couvetown!

Jodelle Furland dressed up as Katniss (although my 80's upbringing took me to Atreyu)

I'm still waiting for an excuse to be Vampire-Bride Rosalie :)

- Lorabell

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