November 5, 2010

Totally Amazing (if Kinda Creepy) Renesmee Body Painting

Woah. Just... woah!

Thanks so much to Melanie for sending this in - Andrea O'Donnell is an amazing body paint artist who's provided body art for the official Twi Tour:

She has been traveling with various Twilight fan conventions through the United States since 2008, but is now working exclusively with the Official Twilight Conventions, providing Twi-hard fans (and an occasional vampire or wolf) with all of their cosmetic needs; from fantasy makeup, to temporary tattoos, to hair accessories, jewelry, colored contacts and more!
The TwiGirl image series is Andrea's unique creation, her own artistic rendering of the stories and elements from this amazing book and film phenomenon. The original TwiGirl 2009 gained worldwide publicity and was published in several international magazines, including some from the UK and Australia. The second installment, TwiGirl 2010, has just been released exclusively for The Official Twilight Conventions, and both images can be found at the Fantasy Faces booth in the vendor hall.
Unfortunately I did not know this so only just discovered her work, which includes this really awesome belly rendition of Breaking Dawn's Renesmee!

I wish the photos were bigger but incredible, right?

You can check out her site at

- Lorabell

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