November 10, 2010

Rob & Kristen Double-Take - Meet the Breaking Dawn Stand-Ins

It's like Rob & Kristen's anti-egos O_o

Meet Rafael and Robert - Rob and Kristen's stand-ins for Breaking Dawn's Brazil scenes who got up close and waterfally today:

Paraty is super tiny, you know, right? Just now, we go out to dinner and met so coincidentally, the Rafael and Robert, Robert's stunts and Kristen!

They are attentive and megafofos! [<--- Google Translate fail] They talked with us in stride, took pictures with fans and impressed the people passing by on the street.

The Raphael and Roberta agreed at 5 am today to record the scenes at the waterfall and were seeking a place to eat.

Will chat, chat comes, they told the actors in "Dawn" are supersimpáticos, polite and even thought alike. "I thought Kristen very nice person," said Roberta.

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- Lorabell

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