November 17, 2010

Only 365 Days Today Until Breaking Dawn! Yay?

I know, baby - it makes my head hurt too!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! It's only a whoooole fricking year today until Breaking Dawn... Part 1.

That's right, there's a whole 67039257294563523526 days until Part 2!

Just imagine *day dreams* a year from today, where will you be sporting your make-shift pregnant Bella costume - non-clear beverage cup in hand, egg-box purse, secret underPattz on and, oh yeah, divine sparkley husband at your side?

I intend to be lining up like a champ along with my Twi-BBs and bouncing my emmer effing fan-girl heart out :D

And how will we count the days? With as much TwiCrack as we can muster - gotta have a fix!

Now, just like Bella - deep breaths *Huff-Puff* you can do this!

- Lorabell :/

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