November 29, 2010

New Uber Video - Full HQ Eclipse DVD Extras from David Slade - oh Hale yeah!

In case you can't wait for the Eclipse DVD extras, here are the 12 and a half minutes work of deleted/extended scenes that director, David Slade had to cut from the movie - in good quality - including:
Deleted -

"It's not life or death" with Angela

"I can't wait to see what you're going to do next" with Charlie *tear*

"Just keep the window closed" with Edward *swoon*

Extended -

"From now on I'm Switzerland"

"Someone's creating an arrrmy" - oh Emmett!

"Bella, I envy you"

"What did I say about a low profile?"

"Jacob's thoughts are pretty loud"

I hope these aren't all! Where's the "third wife" scene that Kristen shot in native costume and the flash-foward to her life with Jacob? I wanna seeeeee!!!

Thanks TK :)

- Lorabell - Back from NYC and to our usually scheduled programming :)

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