November 14, 2010

Kenneth Cole To Design Bella's Dress For Breaking Dawn!

Because we all know Kristen loves a LBD!

Even though there are rumours that Zac Posen was going to design Bella's wedding dress, Hollywood Life are reporting that Kenneth Cole is apparently planning something special for the new Mrs Cullen:

Famed fashion designer Kenneth Cole wants to see Kristen Stewart in a whole new lookfor Breaking Dawn. And if he has his way, Bella Swan may be vamped up to ward off bad vampires!

On Wednesday, November 10th, we talked to Kenneth at the grand opening of the Kenneth Cole Boutique at Santa Monica Place. “The dress would repel the less than desirable vampires,” the fashion icon tells

“It can pick and choose. It’s a smart dress. And with that kind of dress you can make it sexy and engaging or intimidating. So it depends on how you choose to wear that black leather dress.”
I'm hoping this means Bella's transformation dress will be (say it with me) legendary!

- Lorabell

P.s. As it turns out @Zac_Posen tweet that he's in fact not designing Bella's wedding dress:

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