November 18, 2010

A Hale Load Of New Breaking Dawn Set Pics - Now THAT"s Some TwiCrack ;)

Yelloooo pecks!
Cute shorts!

For the splittest of seconds, I thought that was Kristen's hand going for a lil Grabby McFeelski

Hop hop hop :)

Oh look, it's that chick who thinks she's hotter than Kristen and the dude with awesomely bronze hair and impressively Edward fingers!

Loving the bikini/sneaker combo


Saving the best TwiCrack 'til last, laaaaaaaaaaadies!

More pics from the Isle Esme set in Brazil for Breaking Dawn - looks like these photos are from Rob and Kristen are filmining the waterfall scene *splashy splashy*

See more via source

- Lorabell

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