November 17, 2010

Edward & Bella Get A Wedding Cake for Breaking Dawn... that Edward won't really be eating

Fairy Dust Cakes in Baton Rouge announced that they landed the lucky job of making Bella & Edward's wedding cake for Breaking Dawn - you can see some of their beautiful creations above.
Most of you Twi fans know in this area that a large portion of Breaking Dawn will filmed in Louisiana. We have the wonderful opportunity to be making Bella and Edwards wedding cake. Yes!!! You heard me correctly. I am a huge Twi fan and wiggled my way in to be making their cake for the movie. If all goes well it will not be vaguely in the shop or cropped out of the film all together. Who knows. Can't tell ya what it will look like...not until it opens in theaters, then you will get a clear shot of the cake Over the years we have made two of the opening premiere cakes for Rave Motion Pictures and this surely a great step up. Oh, we are definitely Team Edward!!! Ha
Ooooh, I can't wait to see what it looks like :) if Alice has anything to do with it, it'll be mahoooosive!

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