November 29, 2010

Do Bella & Edward Wear Wedding Rings In Breaking Dawn Or Not?! Could This Mean A Dream Sequence?

OK, so I got to thinking (dangerous I know) when the first Breaking Dawn set pics came out from Brazil filming, Bella wasn't wearing a wedding band - only her fugly engagement ring - and Edward wasn't wearing a wedding band either, nor his Cullen crest wrist band.

However, soon after we saw Isle Esme pics with both Bella and Edward wearing wedding bands - but, alas still no Cullen crest wrist band.

So I started thinking how that just doesn't make sense, because they'd both surely be wearing wedding rings by the time they arrive in Brazil on honeymoon. Now I can't see how this could work in a dream sequence, but I really think it must do!

And another thing, still no Cullen crest - did Edward loose it? OOOR did he get a smaller version of the crest engraved into their wedding rings? Hence the slightly thicker band - especially on Bellas!

Hmmm... thoughts?

Pic via TwiFans

- Lorabell

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