November 9, 2010

Breaking Dawn Isle Esme Filming Day 2 - Waterfalls Anyone?

Update: Rob and Kristen arrive at set to film some schmexy honeymoon scenes in the water - Hales yeah!

Via source

The Twilight Lexicon found these interesting details on today's shooting schedule:

    Filming in the waterfall area began early today
    The area is not accessible barriers and security have the area sealed off
    The most you can see are crew trucks(see photos)Stephenie Meyer is not at this location but it is believed that Rob and Kristen and their doubles are
    Filming should shift later today to the Isle Esme locationIt is believed that Stephenie Meyer will be at the Isle Esme location
    There is a veritable flotilla of boats piled with photographers and fans anchored off the island at the 200 yard perimeter established and patrolled by the Brazilian navy
    Anyone attempting to break the perimeter will have to deal with the Brazilian navy [<--- that's a bad thing?]

Sparkley vampires in trunks? Why not ;)

- Lorabell

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