November 2, 2010

Breaking Dawn Brazil Filming Details!

Brazilian Twi-site, Fo-Forks have done their homework and come up with these fun (maybe) facts about Breaking Dawn filming in Rio - below is the Google translated version of their detective work:
Stephenie Meyer will be in Brazil.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Sebastião Lemos and Virgüez Carolina (Kaure) are certain.
Virgüez Carolina is a Colombian naturalized Brazilian actress with several awards and nominations under her belt.

There is some unreliable information indicating Taylor may be coming.

There is some purely speculative information that MacKenzie Foy may be coming.

There have been lots of items obtained that are all pumping money into the economy of Brazil such as helicopters, multiple armored cars, underwater cameras (<--- ooooh under water cameras *wink wink* LB), not to mention all the actual equipment needed to film.

It is unclear where the actors with be staying. Usually celebrities stay at the Copacabana Palace. U2 and The Rolling Stones stayed there recently. However it would be a great distance from where filming would likely take place, so perhaps not. There is also speculation that this site might be used as interiors. Regardless of where they stay, security will be incredibly tight.

3 different islands were scouted as possible locations, the area of LAPA might be a location, their information indicates a possible scene in a taxi where they need a busy place, with many people that is brightly lit.

Actual filming is scheduled for 4 and a half days with another day devoted just to the logistics of setting things up. This will begin on or around November 3rd.

A warning is provided that people should not attempt to go to the airport or filming locations as the security is tight and being able to obtain an autograph or photos or to be any place near the actors in those specific locations is unlikely and arrival times and methods are highly subject to change.
Eeek - Breaking Dawn's so very nearly shooting... and yet its release just isn't any closer - gah!

- Lorabell

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