October 24, 2010

Super Massive Eclipse DVD Guide

The awesome Twilight Series Theories have compiled a Twi-tastic Eclipse DVD guide to help with your ever pre-ordering needs:

Eclipse DVD and Blu-ray details are starting to come in and we’ve got all of your special edition break downs! (More will be added as they become available, so be sure to check back here). Please note that the details are subject to change this far ahead of time, but more info will become available the closer we get to a release.

If you have any more release dates or special edition DVD info for your country, please feel free to share it in the comments section :)


Release date: Dec. 4, 2010

2-disc standard edition:

2-Disc Special Edition DVD
- Audio Commentary w/ Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
- Audio Commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey
- Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes
- Six-Part Making of Documentary (90 minutes)
- Photo Gallery
- Jump To… Edward
- Jump To… Jacob
- Music Videos (Metric, Muse)

Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo
- Audio Commentary w/ Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (both DVD & Blu-Ray sides)
- Audio Commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey (both DVD & Blu-Ray sides)
- Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes (Blu-Ray side only)
- Six-Part Making of Documentary (standard and PIP mode, both on Blu-Ray side only)
- Photo Gallery (Blu-Ray side only)
- Jump To… Edward (Blu-Ray side only)
- Jump To… Jacob (Blu-Ray side only)
- Jump To… The Love Triangle (Blu-Ray side only)
- Jump To… The Cullens (Blu-Ray side only)
- Jump To… The Wolfpack (Blu-Ray side only)
- Jump To… The Humans (Blu-Ray side only)
- Jump To… Victoria’s Army (Blu-Ray side only)
- Jump To… Action Sequences (Blu-Ray side only)
- Music Videos (Blu-Ray side only)

Single Disc DVD
No special features

Standard Blu-Ray
No special features


DVD @ $27.99

Blu-ray @ $34.99

Includes special exclusive packaging and six photo-cards, plus the 2-disc standard edition of the movie.


No details yet (maybe just packaging?) $26.99 @Best Buy.

I emailed Best Buy and they told me that as far as they know, it’s just exclusive packaging included with the 2-disc edition, but that could change as we get closer to release.

2-disc special edition.


Release date: Dec 24, 2010

2-Disc Fan Edition

EUR 22,99

You can pre-order the DVD here at Amazon!


Release date: Dec 6, 2010

You can pre-order the single disc DVD here at HMV! £9.99

2-disc DVD £11.99

Special Features
Over three hours of amazing extras including
Commentary 1: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Commentary 2:Stephenie Meyer and producer Wyck Godfrey
Deleted and extended scenes with audio commentary from the director David Slade
A six part making of documentary
Photo gallery
Edward Fast Forward
Jacob Fast Forward
Music videos from Muse and Metric which both feature on the film’s bestselling soundtrack
Technical Details
Language Audio: English 5.1
Subtitles: English SDH

Blu-ray £14.99

There will also be a limited edition steel case collection of all three films, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, available on DVD (£17.99) and Blu-ray (£27,99).

HMV is offering three special DVD sleeves featuring Edward, Bella, or Jacob (£12.99).


Release date: Dec 3, 2010

Special edition (thanks Nikki!) with special packaging and bonus bag and ring. Details here @Amazon (€49,98).

  • Le CD de la musique originale du film composée par Howard Shore
  • L’édition collector 2 DVD (film + bonus)
  • Un 3ème DVD avec plus de 2 heures de bonus inédits

o Entretien exclusif avec la scénariste Melissa Rosenberg

o Entretien exclusif avec les acteurs Alex Meraz, Michael Welch et Daniel Cudmore

o Scènes coupées et étendues commentées par David Slade

o Toutes les scènes d’Edward

o Toutes les scènes de Jacob

  • Un sac bandoulière “Twilight 3 : Hésitation”
  • La réplique officielle de la bague de fiançailles qu’Edward offre à Bella

2-Disc Collector’s Edition

Details @Amazon (€24,98).

Single Disc Edition

Details @Amazon (€15,91).


Release date: Dec 3, 2010

Collector’s box (no pics yet)

  • Plakat
  • Seks postkort
  • Bilde av Nordens største Twilightfan
  • Bellas forlovelsesring

Standard edition (details here)


Release Date: Dec 3, 2010

2-Disc Edition (169kr, no pic yet) details here!

3-Disc Limited Edition (299kr) details here!

Extramaterial: - 40 minuter från Twlight Fan Event i Stockholm!
- Poster
- 6 st vykort
- Bellas förlovningsring


Release Date: Dec 17, 2010

Not much info yet, but the price is around R140.00. Click here for more on the DVD.

Decisions, decisions...

- Lorabell

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