October 6, 2010

New/Old Kristen Pics - BILD Magazine Shoot & Interview

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Super cute shoot and interview, which apparently I missed - oops:

She smells like mowed grass. She hugs me like an old friend of hers. She looks at me with her smaragd-green eyes as if I´m a writing vampire from whose mouth blood runs down.

She´s the most mysterious woman of Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart(20), coming from L.A., is “Bella Swan” – the girl who loves an undead vampire, Robert Pattinson(24).

A box office phenomenon, with a lot of money: “Twilight” – 100 Mio. books. The third installment hits theatres on July 15th – a bloody romance for teenagers.

The phenomenon? Millions of teenagers want to be just like her!

In love, lost, damned.

How is SHE really?

She is beautiful, slim, spontaneous.

How does her life look like?

Hotels, plains, journalists, cameras. Where am I? A little joke. Tomorrow is my day off, so I´m sight seeing in Berlin.

Do you google yourself? There´re like 25 Million hits…

She stretchs out in her crossed legged position… "Yeah, I have to know what's going on. I’m a control-freak. I hate to not be in the know. But it's insane! The things are kind of shocking sometimes. There's a lot of sh*t in there…"

Her truth is a carrier every one dreams of.

"I'm working since I was a little girl. With the age of 11 she´s becoming the star of “Panic Room”."


She smiles. And remains silent.

In love?

She laughs at me and shrugs with her shoulders, saucy but lovely. She is protecting her heart. She's no vamp, no sexbomb. She's a girl becoming a woman. She smokes and loves the things she wants to.

What are you getting upset about?

"That a lot of people think that I'm unthankful, conceited, arrogant. I love what I do. Of course, I make mistakes. But every one should be allowed to do so."

The Photo-Crew is coming in. Flashlights are klicking. Once again I take a taste of how her hair smells. Which perfume? She's shaking her head. “I don't like any parfume. Ah! You're smelling the hairspray!”

We both burst out laughing. We go.

The day after that she's just a normal human. She walks through the Mudering Memorial (Holocaust). She eats at Zillenmarkt and hits the Bowling Hall in the evening. She's wearing the shirt of the German National Soccer Team.

See more pics at Kristen Stewart Daily via BILD

- Lorabell

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