October 26, 2010

Eclipse Merch You Never Thought You'd See!

While you boys fight over me, I'm going to snack and contemplate the benefits of Team Switzerland.

Hold me, Edward - the popcorn are Victoria's puppets!

Because Vampires always need more caffeine

K, I actually think this one's kinda cool...

Mmm, soda - tastes just like mountain lion!

Thought New Moon packing tape had the competition sewn up when it came to weird Twilight merch? Think again, TwiCrackers!

I thougtht Eclipse gum came close, but Eclipse fruit snacks just took the prize in my books - because nothing says Vampire-Wearwolf-Human love triangle like high-fructose corn-syrup - fact!

Find more random merch at source

- Lorabell

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