October 5, 2010

Could This Be Isle Esme for Breaking Dawn?!

According to the Alt Film Guide, Bill Condon is scouting the beautiful island* coastal town of Paraty (pronounced Pah-rah-CHEE) off the Brazilian Riviera as the location for Isle Esme.

The Breaking Dawn director is in the area for the Rio Film Festival , where RioFilme's president Sérgio Sá Leitão said:

"first of all, we need to know how much the production will spend in the city of Rio de Janeiro because then I'll know how much I'd bring to the city for each real [that's the Brazilian currency] we invest on the film. The ratio must be worthwhile.

Second, I figure out how many jobs will be created. And third, we have to take a look at a draft of the screenplay, for we're not going to invest, for instance, on a movie such as Tourists (a 2006 production that showed Brazilians as cruel murderers of innocent Americans)."

Leitão added that "we need not only financial returns, but also promotional returns for the city," going on to explain that Rio would be like a product to be sold, as movies shot there would offer "product placements" of the city by way of "postcards shots."

Blimey, who knew it was so tricky to want a movie filmed in your town?

- Lorabell

*Thanks Renata :)

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