September 7, 2010

What to do when there's not a lot of Twi news...


Sorry for my recent disappearing act - I'm relocating from London to Vancouver and have been stopped off in Seattle for the past few days.

It's my first time in the Pacific North West *eeek* and although it's not been "under a near constant cover of cloud and rain" (5 sparkle points for quotage) I've been internally squeeing a lot since I landed...

First, I've overhead oh so many tourists requesting directions to Foooorks - and I am so not one to judge considering I'll be joining the Twitards & co in a few weeks - whoop whoop!

Second, there is all kinds of different Twi-swag in the area - I had to stop myself from buying a mug that said "It's always Twilight in the Pacific North West" (I want) and came across this hand-made map for the saga, which is just too many kinds of awesome (even though I want Bella's diving point to be on the coast...)

Third, I totes got to go to dinner with TwiSuperFan, RobPattzNews (wait for it) #amazeballs

Fourth, TwiSuperFan pointed out Domward's Escala building (holla Master of the Universe)!

Drive by shot

Fifth, I went to Bumbershoot (holla Hydralic Level 5!) aaand whilst I was there went to see the "Portrait Challenge" where the public got to draw their own versions of photos. Completely unknowingly (I swear!) I picked up the one of Kellan Lutz - I was laughing so hard at myself when I realized

(mine's bottom-right)

Sixth, I also met up with Forksy friend Kitty_Elvis who gave me my first ever introduction to Rainier beer :) squeee

And right now I'm waiting for my connection to almost, but not quite, get to Vancouver - hopefully I'll be settled soon and, until then, am posting when I can *sigh* ah, I've missed you :)

- Lorabell x

P.s. I also came across this :)

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