August 15, 2010

Rob Cattinson - What The Hale?!

Sweet cheezits, there's even a crest!

A hairless cat with Edward's bouffant?

Although this cat looks like he really enjoys being dressed up O_o it's also for a good cause:

No, it's not a new breed of feline. The hairless wonder was dressed as Bella's bloodsucking beau for the 15th birthday party for Matilda, the resident cat at the legendary Algonquin Hotel.

It's a tradition. Matilda's big day is always celebrated with a cat show featuring kitties donning fashions from Meow Wear and a fundraiser for the North Shore Animal League.

Count down to Puppy Lautner!

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- Lorabell


  1. Poor kitty doesn't seem to like that hehe ;) It's kind of creepy but kinda cute lol.

  2. as long as it for a good cause--otherwise it's just bizarre!


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