August 2, 2010

New 100 Monkeys SwimSuit Calendar Outtake

You gotta love a band whose idea of a swimsuit calendar involves layers of clothing rather than tight trunks in the surf... not that we'd mind the other ;) amIright?

Via source

- Lorabell


  1. I saw 100 Monkeys in Vancouver last Friday - they are amazing live. I was about 3m from the band members, the atmosphere was phenomenal. Can recommend them to everyone! And yes, the Rathbone was looooovely, as were the other boys :) They have signed photos for sale at the gigs, as well as CDs and wristbands too.

  2. Oh those crazy, and I absolutely love them. Live on the East Coast though so not terribly hopeful of getting to see them live anytime soon :( I must admit I have become a little bit of a Jackson addict...there could be worse things to be addicted to.....right?? :D


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