August 1, 2010

Mmhmm, Loving Some Southern Gent Rob Y'All

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Just strolling across a field in the morning sunlight with my tamed schmex hair and fiiingerrrrs - no big deal ;)

What's this - a Hot Pocket?

Nope. Not a Hot Pocket :/

Oooh, delightfully disheveled in my crumpled white shirt...

Water For Elephants got its shoot on Georgia style - and Rob donned some white shirt nom that's just asking to be entered in a wet tee competition - just me?

See more at ROBsessed

- Lorabell


  1. Ooo I like the picture of him coming out of the car.

  2. Hales yeah, proud to be a Georgia Peach ;)
    He is looking mighty fine in that suit ^.^
    @Juju, that's my fave too ;)


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