August 2, 2010

Kristen's On The Road Starts Shooting :)

Ooooooh *bounce* I am SO excited to see this movie!

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- Lorabell :D

P.s. I just found out that Kirsten Dunst is the other female lead... I am not a fan :/


  1. Kirsten Dunst...really?!? I have to agree that I am not a fan of her's either. However, I shall not fear. I have total confidence that Stew can keep any movie afloat with her mad skills!

  2. Ow, I like Kirsten Dunst, I loved her in Marie Antoinette :)

  3. Good grief... just seeing the signs for this film get me excited! The book is in my top 3 favorites of all time (did one of my most important pieces in college about it) and I just know Stew is going to do it SUCH justice!

  4. not a fan of Kirsten D either... :/

  5. I think Kirsten Dunst should play a cameo as one of the Vultori Wives in BD! A little homage to the other wave of anne rice vampire fans.


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