August 3, 2010

Kristen, Rob, Taylor & Kellan Confirmed for TCAs?

Update: According to Gossip Cop, Kristen won't be at the TCAs after all due to filming On The Road in Montreal.

Looks like it *bounce*

Oh, and I really want Miley to perform just so we can pan across to KStew rocking out :)

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  1. I watched the Access Hollywood lady interviewing Kristen at the Eclipse premier and I get the idea Kristen kind of regrets ever mentioning "The Climb" cause like with everything, people take it soooooooooo seriously..!

  2. holy shit! how come i didnt know about this???

  3. @Fenerodine: She also admitted to singing it and "Party in the USA" at karaoke in Korea with Taylor on Jimmy Kimmel's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" :)


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