July 26, 2010

Twilight at Comic Con 2010...

Update: via source

Say what?

So Eclipse didn't go to Comic Con - boo!

But that doesn't mean that Twilight wasn't in da hizzle!

Anna Kendrick - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Michael Sheen - Tron: Legacy

Cam Gigandet - Priest

Garrett Hedlund mentions Kristen - On The Road

Aaannnddd there was a fan fiction panel:

Angstgoddess003 - Wide Awake
EZRocksAngel - Creature of Habit
Manyafandom - The Arrangement
tby789 - The Office
SQIceDragon - Master of the Universe
LolaShoes - as moderator


- Lorabell


  1. FanFic panel? whhhhat.. how awesome.

  2. I love tby789 The Office, I wish it was still up for me to read over and over LoL ;)

    I love Master of the Universe by Snowqueen Icedragon too ;)

    Both are awesome ^.^

  3. OMG!!!! I would have loooooved to have seen the fan fiction panel. Im currently re-reading Wide Awake. It's amazing how influential fan fiction has become, if it has it's own demand at Comic Con. Cool! Makes me kinda proud. I've been reading since the early Harry Potter days.


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