July 18, 2010

Taylor Shirtless? Psssh, No Way! [Insert Sarcasm Here]

Updated: Because it's always ab-o-clock!

Via source - thanks *bRoOkElYnN*

"Doesn't he own a shirt?"

Apparently it was really hot on the set of Abduction in Pittsburg today. How hot? Dayum hawt!

If I looked that good without clothes, I'd find it tough wearing them too :)


- Lorabell *phew*


  1. He can run around like that all the time ;)

  2. Does this boy ever wear a shirt? haha I'm so glad he always seems to lose his shirt.

  3. Awwww, I feel bad for him. I mean, he knows we all drool over him shirtless, but, look how he ALWAYS hangs his head, when he KNOWS someone's gonna take a pic of his (yummylicious) abs. I love this, but, I still feel kinda bad for him :/ AAAAND, in the movies, they spray paint it to look perfect, but, here, it's natural, and not so perfect. I like it better(;

  4. It has been hot here in Pittsburgh, so I do not blame him for the lack of clothing. I have not seen him personally, but I have seen the movie signs posted throughout town. A girl can only wish, no?

  5. I met him yesteday! He's AMAZING. SUPER nice. They don't film on weekends, so I don't think that pic is from today. Just aboslutely stunning! :)

    Here are some pictures!


  6. for g-d sake put a dam shirt on,if this is your acting ability you may as well give it up.

  7. Oh for goodness sake...next he'll say no one
    is taking him seriously as an actor...why I

  8. The new pic of his back, gah! I love a sexy back on a guy ;)


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