July 9, 2010

My Super Duper Spoilery Post of Eclipse Epicness

Update: Having seen Eclipse in the epicness of IMAX yesterday with EdwardCullenNet and TwiGossipGirl, I felt the need to add a couple of extra points:

Awesome to the max:

When Rosalie bursts in on Royce in full wedding dress regalia - I may have actually whooped!

Of course, the real Jacob kiss - I could've done with a little more back bending, ifyouknowwhatImean, but I especially love the look on Bella's face after.

Sad panda:

I was kinda hoping after the Rosalie and Jasper flash-backs that there would be an "Anne of Green Gables" teaser to replace the cringe-fest of the New Moon prancing... *shudder*

So now I have a moment amidst my birthday/NYC/helping friends move/Eclipse week I'm finally going to post my best and worst moments!

Eclipse day, I got my "lil a$$ ready" (10 sparkle points for quoteage) to see Kristen at the Regis & Kelly show I had tickets for - yes, I finally got to meet her briefly and it was totes magical ;)

Then I tootled my way down to Union Square where Volturi Ventures hosted the advanced Eclipse screening.

I met up with JennyJerkface, SnarkierThanYou, LatchKeyWife and friends MissTeJota, Nomness, AliceInNYC and more - sadly Mrs TCA was unable to join due to the early arrival of Baby TCA - we missed you new-Momma TCA!

Waiting in the 100+ something baking street heat to ensure our places, we finally got to snag our seats and silently squeee as the lights dimmed *deep breath* and then...

1. Epic awesomeness of the opening sequence - you GO, Xavier with your super convincing cries of transformation pains - I was bouncing in my emmer effing seat!

2. Bella in Florida - one, the shades were really fricking cool and two, hands up if you got a lump in your throat when she and Renee hugged over the t-shirt blanket *tear*

3. Victoria running through the woods - as much as I miss Rachelle, I knew Bryce would do a killer job and all that leaping off trees and over ravines - awesome!

4. Oh my, Taylor in a tight black tee - I love that Jacob looking "dangerous" was kept in from the book and his "I had nothing to say" - wouch!

5. Although Jessica's speech really impressed me, I gotta say that the highlight of the graduation ceremony was Charlie's slow clap - my lip might have quivered just a lil ;)

6. Bella punching Jacob - the noise, the reaction, the fight with Edward afterwards "I kissed Bella. And then she punched my face. Total misunderstanding" - epic.

7. Speaking of Charlie, "the talk"... I. just. loves.

8. Training. Not only do we have Jasper as the uber southernly gentleman *nom* but "athletic" Rob getting all smirky on Papa Cullen - #FTW!

9. The battle - Alice flitting around, Jasper ripping off arms, wolves diving all over, new borns being torn apart - woah yeah!

10. Saving the best for last... the proposal :) not only was the make out scene toootes hawt, but their hug after Bella's acceptance made me all kinds of squishy inside *le sigh* aaannnddd the emmer effing leg hitch - YES!

However, a couple of minor downers...

1. I was sad the "I felt hope" line wasn't left in :(

2. Bree - sorry, but I remain underwhelmed.

3. The ring *siiigh* I want to like it - I really do - but I don't even know if I could say yes to that fug :/

Did I miss anything? What were your best/worst bits?!

- Lorabell :)

Bonus: I'd be lying if when I saw Carlisle in that short-sleeve blue shirt I didn't turn and say "dang, the Doctor is IN!"


  1. Ha, I pretty much second everything you just said. Eclipse = the best Twilight film ever, hands down. The Proposal scene... I still can't stop grinning, just thinking back on it. A-freaking-dorable. I even preferred it to the book's proposal. The ring, of course, is hideous. Bella would never wear it or like it, so I'm not sure what cocktails were being served while that was designed, but I hope they switch it for BD.

    Speaking of which, thank you Rob and Kristin for an excellent preview of what we can expect on the honeymoon. That make out session received the loudest claps/hollers and I can't wait to see it up for the Best Kiss award next year. I'm Team Edward (in case you couldn't tell!) and I was pretty much dreading the Jacob/Bella kiss, but I'd already died and gone to heaven by the time that rolled around, so I didn't really think it was that good of a kiss. Which suited me fine.

    Charlie, I heart you. The sex talk was so cute.

    The dialogue was soooo much better than compared to the other two films. "Getting engaged means you're knocked up (or something like that)..." "Maybe rush a little." The entire proposal. Gah, loved it all.

    Oh and Jasper, you rock. You, too, Alice. And together, well... it's pretty obvious! Fight scenes were awesome.

    The whole waiting until November 2011 thing, though... not workin' for me.

  2. This is kind of random, but I like the attention paid to Edward's eyes. It was very subtle, but I like how you could see when Edward didn't feed (the scene after she first goes off with Jacob, his eyes are completely black) and when he did (his eyes would be that caramel color). It was a very nice little nod to the books.

  3. loved this film way more then all the others. I loved the part were Edward was like "OH BELIEVE ME I WANT TO!" i was like...oooh goodie!! lol

    Wished the jacob kiss was a lot better, in the book it sounded like it was this extreme kiss. didnt look extreme to me. I thought she would be confused after that, but she wasnt. But besides that i loved everything. Minus Victoria, love Rachelle as her better. Sorry, i had no bias, but when i saw her .she wasnt scary at all!

  4. Hello! The best line from the book.. "can't fight with an eclipse" ??

  5. Seeing Edward and Alice chess it up would have been nice too!!

  6. I luved the movie it was great but was just a bit disappointed when they didn't show how much pain Bella was in when she was leaving Jacob-I cried when I read it in the book!! or when Edward took the battery out of Bella's car!! I just couldn't stop laughing!! 2 bad they made it so serious in the movie!! but except this everything was perfect!!! and got 2 agree the ring was nothing like I imagined (don't mean that in a good way!)

    P.S @Lorabell i think you forgot one in the
    top 10! THE TENT SCENE!!! it was hysterical!!

  7. Second that – tent scene was hilarious – captured the book perfectly!

    Also "Doesn't he own a shirt" hilarious!

    LOVED the proposal!

    Loved, loved, loved the movie :) Best yet!

  8. There are a few things I wish were in the movie - namely "I felt hope," Felix flirting with Bella, and "I can't fight an eclipse" but none of them were Liz Lemon Deal Breakers.

    My favorite scenes were "the talk" with Charlie (loves me some BB!), the banter between Emmett and Bella when Carlisle was wrapping her hand ("badass!"), and RP in the tent scene and his bedroom scene (my inner cougar was purring with delight!).

  9. I SOOOO missed the lines where Jacob tells Bella that he could have been so much healthier for her, "I could have been the air, the sun"... And yeah, the "I can't fight with an eclipse" Where the hell was that??

    I'm totally team Edward, but I was really missing out on the extreme connection and intensity of Bella/Jacob. I mean, Bella actually SEES herself with him, their whole relationship played out before her eyes and she can see how happy she was with him. I was just missing that intensity. I mean, come on, what's five more minutes to a movie, right?? ;)

    Overall though, epic!

  10. Agreed, Eclipse was the best yet.
    And, yeah, the TENT SCENE! :D
    I squeeled when Jacob said "Face it, I'm hotter than you." !!!!
    Few quotes I missed:
    "The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight with an eclipse."
    "Does my being half naked bother you?"

    I was really hoping those would be in there :/
    Other than the few minor things you mentioned, Lorabell, the movie was fantastic, my new favorite. But, yeah, the whole waiting 500 more days FOR ONLY THE FIRST PART of Breaking Dawn, that's not gonna blow over. I have a feeling, if we begbegbegbeg enough, maybe Summit will change their minds? *crosses fingers*

    Anyways, the movie was amazing, (I saw it at midnight!) I thought the acting increased a ton, I really felt what they were saying. Charlie, gotta love him(;

  11. I really wanted to love the new Victoria, but I didn't think she had as much of a presence as Rachelle. She was all soft spoken and sounded sweet. Rachelle didn't even say one word in New Moon, and I was intimidated by her. I wish they would have kept her for Eclipse! I think she would have been better.

  12. i would have loved to have seen Bella closing her window after he took the battery out of the car...and her re-opening it of course :)

  13. I agree,I loved all the parts you listed! Eclipse was by far the best movie for me. I saw it again yesterday and it was even better the second time. Now the countdown to Breaking Dawn. ;)

  14. Am i the only one who completely melted into a whole lovey-dovey state after that ADORABLE meadow scene in the beginning of the movie with edward and bella! i thought it was the cutest thing, cause they were so playful and natural, it was too cute(:

  15. Loved the movie as well. The 2 parts I wish would have made it into the movie are:

    1. Edward's note: "I'll be back so soon you won't have time to miss me. Look after my heart--I've left it with you."

    2. Edward telling Bella the "deal is off" and tries to seduce her and do things "her way." :)

  16. The music was so amazing during the movie. They really captured how the characters were feeling and what was occuring during that moment. I am listening to the soundtrack now and can picture the whole movie. It's great. Can't wait to go see it again!!! (and again and again)
    I really can not wait until Nov.

    AND the Rosalie flash back... LOVED how they did that. "I was a little theatrical back then..."

    AND how they snuck in Clair de lune when Bella and Edward walked into the house. *sigh!*

  17. Did anyone notice that Jasper was going to school while in the books he already graduated.. I dunnow it bothered me a little bit.

  18. This movie was the best movie so far. D Slade was awesome. I was super happy with the tent scene and the fight scenes. I really liked the backstories as well with Rosalie and Jasper. I thought it would have been cool to show when both met Emmett and Alice though. Rosalie taking down a bear would have been killer.
    Most of the things they changed in the movie made it good still. Though there were some things that happened that I don't think went with the characters. Like I don't think Bella would have run off with jacob with Edward right there in the parking lot. And the way she got mad and tore away from him when she went to go find Jacob. They made Edward jealous too much in the movie. Remember how he became so understanding in the book? Where was that?
    And of course the whole point of the book/movie being called Eclipse...where was the famous Jacob line?
    But hey, even with all that, I still LOVED this movie and every part of it. It all flowed together so well. Bravo.

  19. am i the only one who loved the ring? everyone says its fug, but its a whole heck of a lot better than the one stephenie approved and licensed.

    loved the movie. wish they had kept a few things, but happy with the overall result.

    can anybody tell me where the Fanfarlo song was used? I have seen it twice and still havent heard it.

  20. http://reelsoundtrack.wordpress.com/2010/07/01/twilight-saga-eclipse-soundtrack/

    This website has a list of where all of the songs were in the movie.

  21. I pictured a ring that was antique looking since it was Eward's mom's. The ring they picked looked pretty modern. I still bet a bunch of jewlery places come out with engagement rings that look like Bella's.

  22. Hello! am I the only fan that has seen this movie and is truly disappointed.
    This movie focuses too much on the whole jacob thing about 90% of the jacob scenes in the book made it to the movie yet the edward/bella scene were messhed into one.

    Ok so the acting is way better so what!the storyline didn't Mrs.Rosenberg shoulda got fired after twilight. she has totally killed the edward character.

    Sorry for being so bitter its cuz i'm a big fan of the books especially the love story between E/B and that has been lost thanks to the whole team edward team jacob crap!!! I want to see team jacob fans (who haven't read the books) react when he falls inlove w a baby cuz even when i read that it creeped me out.

    Is there anybody that agrees with me?

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  24. I think you covered it all LoL ^.^
    Also, Happy Birthday to you and Congratulations to Mrs. TCA ^.^

    My favorite was the "Proposal/Leg Hitch Scene"...sooo hot and sweet ;) When Edward said, "Trust me, I want to", his face was priceless ;) Gah!!! *Melt* It was playing my fave song too ;) Sia-My Love

    I love the talk with Charlie LoL XD

    So cute when Alice jumped on Jasper *sigh* ^.^

    Edward breaking the tree or any of his fighting...epic hot ;)

    "Does he own a shirt" LoL XD

    The wolves looked so awesome, they did an amazing job on them.

    Now there is way more that I love but the only thing that got me was the mountain snow scenes. It looked like a set. I wish it was a little more realistic >.<

    I loved Eclipse the book and now the movie ^.^ They did a amazing job, thank you so much :) I can't wait until Breaking Dawn...499 days :( Well it's worth the wait LoL ;)

  25. K I was kinda bummed that Bella's wig was awful. I couldn't stop starring at it. Boo. I would have loved more of Rosalie's and Jasper's background stories.

    All in all I loved this film. The flow was great and they did make sure the twihards were happy. David Slade FTW.

  26. The movie was going so well for me until Victoria and Riley put Edward in the headlock. WTF? I literally shouted out in the theatre. I'm so disappointed that 3 out of 3 movies have made Edward look weak. I mean there's little Esmee ripping off heads fighting the newborns and Edward cannot even handle Riley? I wish Summit would keep Edward's strength and ferocity close to the book. And he can read minds Summit, so no, Carlisle could not have knocked him down when he turned his back during fight practice. It's little details neglected like that the get to me.

    But other than that, I was thrilled with Eclipse. Rob has never looked hotter. I thought the screen would melt!

  27. I am totally Team JASPER!! So the missing "I felt Hope." line was a serious disappointment for me. I can't even tell you how many times I have read the books and that line still makes me cry.

    But every other aspect of the Jasper stuff was beyond perfect. I loved how they made the parallel between Jasper/Maria and Riley/Victoria. So good!!

    As for the ring: I couldn't agree more. I tried picturing it when I read it and thought I must have it wrong. But then I saw it and I just don't get it. My bf knows how much I love Twilight and I was very clear "DO*NOT*LIKE!" Just in case!;) I also agree with someone from above, I don't know how that is antique? I don't know much about turn of the century jewelry, but I wouldn't say yes to that ring, no matter the year!

    But I thought they did an excellent job sticking to the book this time. I was very pleased!

  28. can someone please tell me where the line "i felt hope" is in the book !!!!!???

  29. Agree with all the above!! Thought the ring looked like a long/flat beetle bug!! But those are technical things that only the twihards will notice. Speaking of I agree with one of the anonymous from above, the movie was translated very well from the books, and was spot on from the leaked script, but if you have not read the books like some of my friends and have seen the movies because of the story then you may have no idea what's going on with some of the abilities, stories ect. But for me having read the books way too many times it was the best adaptation from book to movie I've seen in awhile. And the acting is getting better, still wish KS would cry ONCE just ONE TIME PLEASE in any of these movies. Bella's character is always giving away to tears I know they are making it more modern, but she would have been so torn up with Jacob and nothing, no emotion!! Ticks me off a little!!
    Loved going into more of the other characters, too bad that was left out in the original with Carlisle's Character. Just gives the movies more depth and feeling.
    Didn't get the shaking camera at the scene with Jacob/Bella in the garage! Thought the fight scene was too choppy/quick, loved it though the CGI was very good. Enough from me now, overall very pleased!!

  30. I loved all of it. The only thing that annoyed me is when edward gives bella the crystal charm, he just smacks it on there they didnt take time to explain why he chose the crystal to represent him.

  31. I like eclipse a lot more than New Moon - however both movies haven't come close to Twilight in my opinion. Edward actually looked like a teenager in that movie!! The music and the way Catherine Hardwick portrays teen romance in Twilight was absolutely amazing.

    The Cullens eyes are horrendous in both New Moon and Eclipse. They are too shocking and GROSS. I thought their eyes were a nice topaz colour?? I hate HATE HATE coloured contact lenses!!! Pupils never change size like they do in a real person's eyes and that just completely ruins expressions for me. Jasper looked deranged!! His left eye looked like it was crossed and stuck in the same position!!!! All of the Cullen's hair is horrible too!

    Good things - RILEY!! wow he was absolutely amazing in this film and it is so disappointing he is in no others! Stole the show for me!

    Tent scene was really good and I like the proposal (I agree the ring is tacky and ugly!), the wolves were AMAZING!!

    I think there should have been a few more Charlie scenes - I love him! Loved it when Bella hit Jacob and went home to find an enraged Edward. Probably my favourite scene in the movie!!

  32. Full Disclosure, Eclipse is my least fav book (Im team edward but just don't relate to the E/B relationship, honestly I identify most with Jacob but I digress) totally my fav movie!
    Loved almost everything in it, but I also hate the ring and thought the J/B kiss would be more intense
    nit picking: Why were they all sitting next to each other at graduation, I wasn't allowed to sit next to my SO cause our last names were no where near each other! Swan next to Cullen? huh?

  33. ^^oh and I've seen it 4 times and will see it at least twice more in theaters

  34. Someone mentioned earlier in these comments about the scenes with Jacob/Bella being longer than the ones with Edward/Bella and that's true. I simply do not understand why there is such an effort to focus on Jacob so much. The five year Jacob and Bella kiss was bad. The leg hitch can barely be seen. Bella would have never left Edward standing there while she ran away with Jacob. Victoria was not even remotely as fierce or evil as Rachelle...she looked like a bad vamp in training. But the thing I actually HATED was the ending. Didn't any of the scummit execs or Melissa "let me just change this whole chapter" Rosenberg even READ the book? Now, I'm wondering if BD will be changed to have Bella wishing she'd chosen Jacob...wouldn't surprise me at all.

  35. I have to agree with all the SQUEEEEEE moments you mentioned. Charlie stole all his scenes as usual...love him. Jake + black T = *nom* The fight training was awesome. The make out/leg hitching/proposal was EPIC to say the least! Tent scene rocked! All the Cullens looked amazing. The wolf pack boys were a bunch of shirtless wonders. The only other thing I think deserves props is Jasper in the Confederate soldier uniform...um hot much?!? The Bella wig wasn't so bad...in some scenes. The ring is growing on me each time I see the movie. Bree, however, not so much. Overall I loved the movie. They keep getting better and better. Only 498 days til Breaking Dawn...*sigh*

  36. Lorabell...you f-ing CRACK me UP!

    LOVED your recap! Can't wait to see the movie...again.

    Hoping the ring will grow on me. What a downer. I don't remember the book saying anything about it being the size of a doorknob!


  37. Totally agree with Heidi Ho about the no crying thing. Especially in New Moon, I was really annoyed that Kristin couldn't squeeze out one tear!
    Loved Eclipse-- a major step up. But I still think that Rosalie is so miscast-- she looked about 40 in her flashback scenes and the black eyebrows are majorly distracting. Bad wigs continued for the Cullens. Overall, however, very satisfying!!

  38. doesn't anyone think it went too fast? my poor bf was every two seconds asking "is this REALLY how it goes in the book??" because everything just happens out of nowhere and there's no time to sink it all in. I personally didn't like the movie. I felt I really needed some book therapy and ended up re-reading Eclipse just to feel better about it :(

  39. I envisioned the ring with diamonds connected by little wires of gold.....not a candy-ring-looking-ugly-piece-of-crap.

    But more importantly the Jasper and Alice scene...when they are showing the wolves how to fight newbies. HOT! NESS! Great chemistry between those two. Much hotter than the actual kissing between Jacon and Bella. Jasper=yum

  40. I just saw Eclipse,not realy impressed.i am not saying that movie is bad.movie is good,everybody can watch it.even kids and guys.what i miss is ability transfer love and romance from book to movie.movie for me was like scrapbook compares to book.things i mind-
    1,important stuff was not in it-when edward put alice to watch bella and she run away,when bella acted playfull with jacob while in wolf body during training,edward ready let bella do whatever she wants after he saw she try to pleased everyone(end of the book),wedding dress on the end,edward+bella om motorcycle.ect.
    2,i did not like ring,it should be ancient. oldfashionedly monumental,crafted in simple but still unique style with stone or pearl on the top(gold or white gold but old black shadowed) -just speachless,that one in movie was so trash.like that what u can buy anywhere now.
    3,in movie- relationship between bella and jacob is totally lost.u can see feeling from jacob to bella but her feelings towards him are totally missing.so that kiss with him is so out of place.its just like something appear from nowhere,something u cant expect,becouse nothing leads to that.
    4,proposal night was alright,but totally nothing compares to the book.so ordinary.did not impress me.
    5,whole tent scene was just wrong.why somebody just cant feel Stephany's writing?she put so much love and feelings in that scene,and nothing from there is in the movie-famous Edward words:i wish i could do that for her(when jacob try warmed bella's freezing body).whole tent scene in book simply graduate to kiss between bella and jacob-its so missing there.its like tea compare to water.edward reaction to bella-jacob kiss:totally gross,where is the passion?
    5,kiss in book was slowly graduating from unwilling to refusing to passionate kiss full of love-where was that?no sighn.totally screw-up.
    6, sad scene on the end,between bella and jacob should be delivered better.sadness what they felt in book,like something break your hearth on million pieces,that holding cry,that pain,that jacob speach-that should be too part of power of feelings thay felt to each other.that big good bye.they did not put a tiny bit in it.so dissapointed.
    7,why there was so much about Riley,Victoria,Bree,newborns?even book had not so much about them.why they put that in the movie instead of more part from book about bella-jacob-edward?it seems to me,maybe B.Dallas and her daddy had something to do with that,to give her bigger part.
    i enjoy wolfs,training-thats it.thats only things which have been realy good in this movie.movie went too fast through book sequences.sorry,just my opinion.i would like to ask Stepheny Meyer,to keep an eye on Breaking Dawn script,and the way its going to be directed.please.

  41. i have to say-best twilight is first part by Catherine Hardwicke.best Victoria-Rachelle Lefevre!-,this new one realy sucks.mellissa rosenberg should be sacked,now!do not let her make a script for Breaking Dawn,please.it comes from best to worst-twilight-new moon-eclipse!sorry,didn't like the last one.

  42. I'm so glad to see i wasn't the only one disappointed. i got say when i saw twilight i hated CH and MR at this point after seeying eclipse i love what CH did she actually cared about the love and chemestry between E/B(RPattz/Kstew)still hate MR though! they always say the book is always better than the movie true but in this case i think the movie could have been just as good stephanie mayer has said that when she was writing the books she actually pic it as a movie so what happpen with that vision. i really hope BD is better since theres a oscar winning director. I'll say this i will not watch BD at midnight showing not worth it. hopefully i'll get a bootleg lol!


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