July 29, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg on What to Expect when Bella's Expecting...

MTV took a break with Melissa at last week's Comic Con to ask about progress on Breaking Dawn:

"I've written and continue to rewrite it, working on it with Bill Condon ... I know what I want to see, which is, I want to see the terror of the experience. I want to have the experience of the fear and feel her pain. I want to feel everyone's pain in this."

Still, Rosenberg said that there are some of the gruesome elements of the scene — like Edward (Robert Pattinson) having to give Bella what has been dubbed a "vampire caesarian" — that she doesn't think need to be included in the scene.

"I want it to be visceral, so that is what's most important. Do I want to see teeth in placenta? No," she said. "Someone else may. I don't actually want to see that, but to each his own."

- Lorabell


  1. I wan't to see teeth in placenta dammn it!! Well.. I don't want to see the teeth actually going into the placenta but at least see something that you know he's putting his teeth in the placenta.

  2. I hope that her work will be better than what she did in Eclipse.

  3. I don't think we need to see teeth in placenta either, but I hope they capture the fact that this it the crucial part where Edward has no choice but to bite the crap out of bella to inject his venom into her to save her. Because this whole part of the book is pivotal to Bella becoming a vampire!! Which is what she wanted since book 1!! To me this is more important to portray then the actual birth, I do think they should have the kid biting bella after she is born like in the book, just for effect of her storyline later.

  4. melissa,how come we dont get a book of edward,we sure get enough of jacob.

  5. Hell's yes I wanna see Edward sink his teeth in Bella's placenta. I love that chapter and we see it through the disgust of Jacob. Love it! Besides, you can not remove something that visual and frankly traumatizing as that.

  6. I wanna see some placenta bitin!!!!.....im only 14 i shouldnt no wat placenta is......lolz anyway i like that part in the book and they always leave out my fave parts in the movies..... and i better see some feathers flyin too dammit!!!.....i want them to stay true to the story and done half step it cuz i would be pissed off Breaking Dawn is my fave one of the book so do it right


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