July 5, 2010

Making Of Eclipse Special FX: Jacob Nuzzles Bella

Love this kinda stuff... and - too cute!

Via MakingOf

- Lorabell


  1. Argh. Would it kill the guy to get KRISTEN's name right?!? Otherwise, very informative...

  2. Kirsten? Really? And, I kinda wanted to see Kristen snugglin' up on Taylor(;

  3. Very interesting. I agree what's with the name F**ck up! Watch all the interviews here today, hadn't been home to see any, the gangs all getting more comfortable with them, nice to see. Saw the movie-it was good. Acting is so improved and thought DS did a good job cinematically, minus the camera shaking when Bella/Jacob are in his garage, and the fight scene was very quick/flashy to me(probably not describing what I mean), but enjoyed it overall! It was just like the script that got leaked. Thanks for all the posting Lorabell, while travelling.

  4. I think this guy has a lot more to worry about than getting Kristen's name right.Are we serious here? I have relatives that cant even pronounce my name correctly..this was very informative


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