July 12, 2010

Say Yes To Bella's Wedding Dress?

"I saw a romantic bias cut ivory gown made of liquid silk charmeuse and antique Alencon lace with covered back buttons that nod to Edward’s Victorian upbringing. It’s a timeless gown that fits Bella’s personality perfectly.”

“Bella’s ring is romantic but unusual; the ornate gold vine design (with 372 white diamonds!) matches her complex personality. Edward’s band is a mixture of gold and hidden rubies, which evoke his secret powers.”

“The Twilight series is so classically romantic. I was inspired to create a timeless, whimsical, almost innocent bouquet of white garden roses and freesia that reflects true love in its purest form, with a touch of the darker side of Bella’s desire coming through with hints of deep helleborus.”

InStyle has an article with their expert recommendations for Bella's big day...

At first I was all *KStew eye-roll* but I actually really love some of the details - they had me at "new engagement ring"!

Although I am really not digging some of their ideas - specifically the cake and the decor - I mean... really?!

- Lorabell

P.s. Accent colour should totes be blue - hellooo!


  1. What do you mean new engagement ring?? They're talking about the wedding ring.. that's something else than an engagement ring..

  2. @Lieke_Rietjens: I mean their suggestion for her engagement ring - http://www.instyle.com/instyle/package/general/photos/0,,20241149_20390650_20793579,00.html

    - Lorabell x

  3. getting a NEW engagement ring is even dummer then picking the fugly one she has now.. no more changes please,, :P

  4. Changing the ring is like changing the characters, ugh! Leave it alone please.

  5. i totally love it.dress does not seem as those from last century,but u are right-they totally suits bella character.the rings are realy nice,and when i saw the flowers i almost cried.just beautifull.love it.

  6. Why does Bella look emaciated? I think she would want something much simpler. And she doesn't like having things bought for her.


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