July 28, 2010

Kellan's New Wet Photoshoot - Repeat: Kellan's New WET Photoshoot!

*Blink blink* I'm sorry, what?

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- Lorabell


  1. The man is simply too gorgeous for words.

    Serious drool!

  2. Every time I see Kellan in a photoshoot and his shirt is off I check to see if his chest hair is shaved. And it drives me crazy.

    According to him, they shave his chest hair (or he shaves it) if they are targeting a younger audience. If it's still there then it's for an older crowd. It isn't 100% proof, but I can't get that interview out of my head.

    So first, I wonder which audience is this for and then I drool.

  3. He's balding already. Poor guy. Still majorly hot though.

  4. Trail of luuuuurrrvvve!!! ;-)


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