July 26, 2010

Kellan Spotted At Comic Con

EW & SyFy Party

At the Wired Cafe

Adding to yesterday's run-down of Twilight at Comic Con 2010, everyone's favourite monkey man turned up for some gadgety goodness... and didn't feel the need to dress up as a muppet this time ;)

Looks like he's going all suitably Superman with those quick changes!

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- Lorabell


  1. and to think he was 3 miles from my work..gaaah!

  2. Kellan kinda reminds me of Smith Jared from Sex and the City. Just me? Maybe I've been watching too much SATC...

  3. Shocker, he can make time to go to all these events/conventions/promotions/parties in LA, but can never seem to make it to the Twilight Conventions he signs up for.
    Sorry you might all disagree with me, but I am sick of seeing him everywhere.


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