July 16, 2010

Jackson & Taylor make Twi-tot's day *tear*

How cute is this?

Six year old Gabe waited out at the Eclipse premiere in LA just to meet his idol, Taylor - with a sign (that he made himself!) and everything.

When Taylor got rushed by, Gabe began to cry because he was so disappointed.

Lovely Jackson tried to cheer him up when he saw how upset Gabe was and ended up getting Taylor to go back to give him an autograph and take a photo!

I love that our Twi-guys are so thoughtful, caring and appreciative of their fans - gold sparkle stars to them both :)

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- Lorabell *hearts*


  1. That is why we love our Twi-guys. They are so wonderful. Little Gabe is so adorable and I am glad he got to meet his idol.

  2. i <3 jackson, he was soo nice to that little boy!!!
    too cute


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