July 14, 2010

Isle Esme Filmed in Brazil for Breaking Dawn?

According to (Google translated) Virgula:
It seems that the dream of the Brazilian fans of the saga Twilight will come true. Tuesday, July 13, the director and president of RioFilme, Sergio Sa Leitao commented on Twitter that part of Dawn can be filmed in Rio de Janeiro.
Sergio posted exactly how, at about 10am, "The RioFilme, SEC and River Film Commission are working on that part of the fourth film in the Twilight saga to be filmed in Rio."
Brazilian Twi-hards best start lining up now for a peak at Isle Esme :)

Via source

- Lorabell


  1. Yes please start lining up and please get pictures lol! HOW EXCITING!!

  2. Squeee!!! ^.^
    So what the heck is going to be filmed in Louisiana?

  3. yeeii!\o/! i just CAN'T believe it! a year and half ago i discused this subject over here.. i'm freeking out! really..my dream can probably come true..=)) brasil brasil brasil! xD

  4. Once it actually comes out where they are filming- they just have to turn it into some 5 star resort. Then everyone can go visit and stay there!!! Gah!

  5. maybe we can get some decent footage instead of that ridiculous scene from new moon!


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