July 28, 2010

Breaking Dawn Casting - Could This Be Garrett?

Update: According to GossipCop, although Lee might be at the top of the production wish list, he's not been contacted regarding the role.

Pushing Daisy's Lee Pace - that good guy gone Colin Farrell-esque guy up there - is apparently said to be a contender for nomad Garrett in Breaking Dawn... no complaints here :)

Thanks Coral :) via source

- Lorabell


  1. I absolutely love Lee Pace. Would be nice if it's true!

  2. I really, really, really want Justin Hartley for Garrett. Just sayin' LOL

    He was Fox on Passions and Green Arrow on Smallville


  3. Oooo Lee Pace is a super cutie. I would love him. I still miss Pushing Daisies.

  4. Who's Garrett again?
    I only read the book once so I don't remember everything.

  5. Love Lee Pace. Not loving that picture of him. He could work but I didn't imagine Garrett like him. I envisioned someone more rugged looking since he was involved in the Revolutionary War and Bella discribed him looking like an adveturer. Could still work, though. We'll just have to see.
    Garrett is one of the nomads that come to support the Cullens. He eventually falls for, and leaves with, Kate of the Denali coven. He's one of the bigger nomad parts.

  6. I think Lee Pace can do it. He played a sexy hot transgendered woman in a "Solider's Girl," I think he can successfully play rugged.

  7. boooooooring.

    more K.stew and R.patz please.

  8. Love it!

    Thanks, TCA, this is exactly the kind of info i come here for...


  9. @anonymous 12:37
    Uhm.. This is TWICRACKaddict,, not EVERYTHING-RELATED-TO-KSTEW-AND-RPATZ-addict...

  10. Um, Lee Pace is beyond amazing. Totally did not see him as Garrett....but it'd be awesome! He's so sexy! Have every movie / tv show he's done!!!

  11. I love Lee Pace and @Juju I also miss Pushing Dasies... I dont know how I feel about him playing Garrett I think it could work they would just really have to work hard on his look to get it right

  12. Yay, I adore Lee Pace! I also miss Pushing Daisies. Didn't see him as Garrett whilst reading the books but I think he can pull it off.

    He's such an underrated actor. He did so well in The Fall & The Good Shepherd, I'm yet to see Soldier's Girl but I do hope he get's this one.


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