July 16, 2010

Ashley (not so Greene) Presents at Espy Awards

Red on red *snap* work it!

Really, Ashley? Isn't one Jo Bro enough?!

A lil JettStew black leather cuff? #PTTW!

See more pics at PopSugar

- Lorabell


  1. Haha, love Tracey Morgans face in the second last picture

  2. I hate to say this but I am Ashleyed out! Dont get me wrong..love her as Alice, but her mug seems to be everywhere. Its not based on her talent, she is clearly monopolizing her looks.
    I just dont want to see her go down the road of media saturation. Because honestly, I am quite tired of seeing her face in ads and not in films.

  3. her feet are huge. just sayin' lol

  4. @Anon 1:41 - Mmhmmm, I'm with ya. Girl's going too Eva Longoria *sigh*

  5. @anon 1:41 - I agree, especially during the Jimmy Kimmel Eclipse special. Shameless promotion of products. You don't see the other cast members do it.

  6. Thank you anon 1:41!!
    I thought I was the only one who felt this way!! She is everywhere, and it's not because she's a great actress, haha
    When Twilight fever is over...then what?

  7. yeah totes agree, I think she knows hence taking anything and everything that comes her way, milking the Twilight franchise for all its worth lol.


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