June 16, 2010

Uber Catch Up - TwiCon Eclipse Videos...

I'll update this post as/when I find more good quality videos from over the weekend - let me know if you find any :)

Aaannnddd... GO!

Kristen's Eclipse press panel:

Rob's Eclipse press panel:

Taylor's Eclipse press panel:

Via PopCouver - thanks TwiGirl

Access Hollywood - Rob and Tay on meeting Tom Cruise:
Access Hollywood - Kristen's Twilight attention:
Access Hollywood - PFach, Elizabeth and Nikki:
Access Hollywoood - Eclipse TwiCon:
Access Hollywood - Wolf Pack's new cub:
Access Hollywood - Julia Jones:
Access Hollywood - All the way for Breaking Dawn:
Access Hollywood - Jackson, Kellan and Ashley:

Access Hollywood - Dakota, Xavier and Bryce:
Access Hollywood - Awkward kisses, Kristen & Taylor:

Check back for more!

- Lorabell


  1. I loved that Robert said he couldn't wait for the pillow biting scene, it's thats funny because I cant wait for that scene either! Kristen LMFAO!!! "WE TOTALLY HAVES SEX.. FINALLY."

  2. Hey TwiCrack!

    Popcouver here! We saw that you guys found some videos on our site and we just wanna say thanks for checkin us out and posting our link. We check you guys out all the time and love your stuff. We are just about to post one of your videos so thanks again haha.

    Hoping we can be blogging friends,


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