June 9, 2010

New Eclipse Clip: Jacob Wishes Bella Would Call - Awww

Poor Jake - sucks to be you!

- Lorabell ;)


  1. Summit were so good at not releasing too much this year... and then suddenly loads of clips are getting released.

    Well I for one am not watching them. I want to be surprised when I see the film!

  2. I agree with Alycya, they were doing SO good!
    Then they release like 3 clips in a week.
    Thank goodness they aren't releasing any big scenes.
    That would ruin it for me.

  3. I've got to stop watching. June 30th please just get here already!

  4. Wasn't gonna watch ne more clips.. but who am I kidding?!
    I love the boyz razzin' ol' Jakey-pooh hehe lol

  5. LMAO @Lorabell! Geese. Way to be compassionate. LOL! Yeah, it does suck to be Jake.

    Leah is perfect. And you know what, I actually agreed with her characters sentiment on Jakes behalf throughout Eclipse and BD. Bella was incredibly selfish and stupid toward him... and Edward. You cant have it both ways, honey.

  6. Does no one even notice Jonathan Low playing in the background?!? Why isn't anyone talking about the awesomeness of the soundtrack?

  7. @anon 11:00

    i love the soundtrack! and i noticed the song too, too bad they put it in the background. boo! so help me, if Heavy in Your Arms is played on the radio or something equally lame, i will become a mighty rage unicorn.

    still psyched to see the movie, though. ;)

  8. stop releasing clips!!!

  9. Aww poor Jacob :( I feel sorry for him at times then I see the scenes where he's agitating Edward, then I think...well it evens out LoL ;)

  10. A perfect Leah! Good job on that casting.

    PS: Bad job on Bella's wig!

    -Angel S.

  11. How many clips have came out??
    Tooo many! That's wat happened to me with new moon, I watched all these tv spots n I ended up ruin-ing the whole movie.

    I'm so pround I haven't watched any clips, well only the trailers but that's it! I'm not trying to spoil the movie for me.
    It's so hard to stay away though haha


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