June 6, 2010

Michael Sheen Captains for Soccar Aid

Raising funds and awareness for UNICEF, this year's Soccar Aid has Michael captain of the "Rest of the World" team (technically he's Welsh not English) with Robbie Williams as captain of the England team.

Taking place today at the UK's Old Trafford stadium, you can watch on ITV now - the celebrity and footballer legend line up is:

England -

Robbie Williams
Jonathan Wilkes
Olly Murs
Jamie Theakston
Ralf Little
David Seaman
Ben Shephard
Terry Sherringham
Bradley Walsh
Ricky Hatton
Dominic Cooper
Jamie Redknapp

Rest of the world -

Shane Filah
Nicky Byrne
Simon Baker
Michael Sheen
Patrick Kielty
Kenny Dalglish
James Kyson-Lee
Joe Calzaghe
Woody Harrelson

Mike Myers, Gordon Ramsey and others are involved too - I'm trying to find the full line up...

Shame they didn't get Flippy to take part - comedy value is priceless!

- Lorabell


  1. It's not London's Old Trafford stadium, it's Manchester's. It's at the home of Manchester United. You might wanna correct that before the man u fans lynch you! Lol ;)

  2. @Anon 4:42 - Thanks for that - I have no clue about football ;)
    - Lorabell

  3. My baby dady is in this pic...Robbie Williams.


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