June 20, 2010

Meet Chief Swan - Live In Concert...

I heart 'stasches

To celebrate the release of his debut album "Removed", Billy "bring him in" Burke will be playing a show, which you can win passes to:

For those who live or will be in the Los Angeles area on June 22nd, we’ll be kicking off the release with a party at The House Of Blues in Hollywood where the band and I will be performing a few cuts from the record.
This will be an invitation only event, however WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY SOME PASSES TO SUBSCRIBERS so if you haven’t yet already, sign up (top right corner of this page) and stay tuned if you’re interested in attending the show.
Someone book the Twitards a ticket!

Check for more info and to download music go to BillyBurke.net

- Lorabell

P.s. Who does he remind me of in this pic? It's driving me nutso!


  1. Rick Springfield????

  2. I got his email about 4 days ago, he already did the contest. Is he doing another one?

  3. OMG I said the same thing totally Rick Sprinfield!!!

  4. Rick Springfield or a bit like Luke Perry too.


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