June 7, 2010

Live Stream the MTV Movie Awards Tonight!

Finally: Thanks TK!

Update: Sorry for the confusion. Yes, this live stream only covers the red carpet but last year I found them for the show, which I'll update as I get. As far as I know, coverage starts are 8 EST, with the show commencing approximately an hour later. I'll be posting pics or arrivals, etc as I get them :)

Kicking off at 5pm PST / 8pm EST/1am GMT - let's go Twilight, let's go!

Even though I'd love to see Rob and Kristen to better the "almost kiss" from last year's acceptance, I bet Kristen's far more likely to recreate the Jettstew and Rockota nomination - just sayin'

- Lorabell

NB: If you're outside of the US, install an IP blocker (like Hot Spot Shield) to watch this live stream - I'll update with an international friendly one as soon as I can.

P.s. I do not get why this live stream is US specific - surely people in the US can just watch it on MTV? *facepalm*


  1. You can watch online http://www.mtvmovieawards2010.com/

  2. I don't live in the USA i live in Europe and ever live stream i find does not work its very unfair

  3. Lorabell I'm confused.
    On the adverts it says the show starts at 9/8C.
    So if it's on at 9:00pm in NY and we in the UK are 5hrs ahead wouldn't it mean that the show (not the red carpet) starts at 4:00am?

    I'm so confused I just can't seem to find the time it starts coz everyone says different things from 11:00pm-4:00am GMT

  4. Rob and K better win best kiss.. I wanna see an awkward acceptance!

  5. are you sure that this video will cover the whole event?
    because on the mtv website it says that its live coverage of the redcarpet, im worried it won't show the awards ceremony
    i live in the uk so downloaded the hot spot shieldy thingy and it works good, just don't wanna go to sleep now, wake up at 2 and find out that the videos not working :S
    been searching for five hours to find a live streamer
    i reeealllly can't miss my tay tay lol
    please write back :)

  6. the top video doesn't work you have to pay

  7. thanks for the sites! will they show the actual awards too?

  8. ohh for gods sake:|
    im sooooooo peed off
    four minutes before it started, the freaking thing went offline

  9. so there's nowhere where we can watch the awards?!

  10. I'm trying to find another stream, guys - will upload as soon as I find!
    - Lorabell

  11. im on the verge of tears

  12. thanks x
    i wanna watch it sooo bad


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