June 2, 2010

Listen to the FULL Eclipse Soundtrack!

Go to EclipseSoundtrack.com to stream exclusively for the next 24 hours!

Thanks Angie :)


  1. Loving the stream. I may actually buy this album and be a good little Twilight fan. I really do like this album.

  2. I found the stream on ROBsessed and freaked out.

    The bands that struck me we're UNCLE; Thom Yorke is a freaking genius in any group he's in. Florence and the Machine, Vampire Weekend (which was my favorite. The hook in the brige was crazy good) and... oh crap, I cant remember the name of the group. It was, I think, Farlono? Is that right? Anyway, the remix was great. The song was very reminisant of 15 Step by Radiohead.

    Overall, love it! Another homerun.

  3. I'm really loving this soundtrack, I can't wait ^.^


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