June 6, 2010

Jackson talks to MTV... & kills me a lil bit with his accent!

K, this gal irks me slightly but I'd be just a goofy looking directly into the schmexiness that is Jacksper!

Gah - this guy kills me with his grabbable hair, disarming smile and Southern charm *phew* I think by the end of Eclipse I might just be Team Jasper!


- Lorabell


  1. that chick needs to back off my Jackson! ;) he is so freaking cute, and I have always been Team Jasper.

  2. SOOOOOOO freakng adorable. If you'r not team jasper, this video had to have converted you <3
    - Lilly

  3. I have to say, there are NO Cullen men that are anything less than super sexy. Not only do they all look good but they're all funny and charming in their own way.

    Jackson, you're one sexy charming vampire. Can't wait to see you in The Last Airbender.

    -Angel S.


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