June 25, 2010

Eclipse "Black" Carpet Pics...

Updating as we go/until I fall asleep...

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  1. Very nice Lorabell- love KS dress and Jennie Garths, not a fan of Nikki or Elizabeth's, just not my taste!! PFach looks great as always!!

  2. Ashley should've gone for cocktail

  3. KS looks great, as do Taylor and Rob. Not so much for Nikki though. Yuck. And when did Stephanie gain so much weight?

  4. I dont mean to focus on the negative, but I think Stephanie was a bit under dressed as well. She should be shining here and she clearly wasnt. But everyone else looked fab, I thought.

  5. I know it's hard for "our guy" Rob to look bad, but I just thought he looked so sexy in this Red or whatever color suit.....the color was unexpected and he just looked fabulous as always

  6. Not really feeling Elizabeth's dress...no offense, she has an awesome bod that i'm completely jealous of, but it seems a tad short? and see through? lol!!

  7. I kinda love the super 80s white dress KS is wearing.

  8. Elizibeth should dress her age.that dress seems like something KS would wear! bur i do love everyone's outfit. Plus when did steph gain all the wait!?!

  9. Hi! fellow twicracks i was there lastnite at the premier i got to see the movie with the whole cast in the theater. It was so much fun! the fight scene are great i wont comment on the rest of the movie all i can say is twilight is still my favorite movie so far just my oppinion. cathrine hardwick had a better vision(modern) Anyhoo some of u will love it and thats cool! i'm kinda bitter towards it right now so i'll stop cuz i want u guys to go see it and have your own oppinion. What i will say is they did stick to the book.

  10. Everyone looks so great and did such an awesome job with the interviews ^.^ I can't wait to see this movie...I hate that I have to wait 5 days after it comes out to see it but whatever it will be worth it lol ;)

    P.S. Loving the "Black" carpet ;)

  11. i wonder id sm is sick she has gained so much weight i dont mean to be negative but she looks horrible i hope shes ok! kristen looked awesome so cute as did taylor and robert i loved elizabeths dress she looked hot you go girl u still look bangin at your age pf amazing and nikki damn girl love it ashley yuck what the hell were you thinking u need to show off that bod girl!

  12. Kristen looked hot!!

  13. Elizabeth isn't that old to be wearing things like that, c'mon people like Kylie Minogue and Jen Aniston are in their early 40's and still wear things that short etc. I mean if you still have the body for it then by all means flaunt it.

  14. Rob Kristen and Taylor looked stunning!!! All of them were very well dress. Loved the color of rob's tux, Taylor looks same as always very hot, Kristen looked very sexy! I think she killed the black carpet with te dress! She looked amazing....I don't usually like how she dresses, but she's been dressing pretty nice!

    -Jackson, pretty good, liked the tux, like the hair short better!
    -Anna, didn't really like the dress, wat was that thing sticking out? Looked like someone accidentally yanked at her dress, but hey she is pretty so I guess she pulled it off.
    -Dakota, didn't really like her dress, she always wears the same thing, or really close, and I would like her to do somethig with her hair, at least part it a different ways, it's always the same.
    -ashley, it looked like she was wearing a bed sheet ur a toga ur something, but her being so beautiful, she can pull off any look!
    -kellan, typical tux, looked nice, like the fact he showed his undies lol
    -Elizabeth, didn't really like her dress at all I would say she was the wort dressed, in my opinion, she has a great body though
    -christian, liked it from the waist up, not somuch from the waist down
    -Stephanie, yeah I think she was a little underdresseed, I thought she was pregnant, but then ppl said it was just weight, idk, she is still has a gorgeous face
    -Peter and wife, I love that couple, they were dressed very nice!
    -the guys were all dressed very nice and clean in the typical tux
    -Nikki, didn't like te dress, she looked like a flock of birds attacked her lol, the dress didn't help her figure at all, she looked gorgeous from her face.

    Ok those were my critics, sorry if I offended anyone, didn't mean it in a mean way ;)

  15. Stephenie is using her money to eat all the mac & cheese she wants to! don't hire a personal trainer when you have the money -- Hire personal chefs so you can write books from your bed all day while stuffing your face.

  16. Dakota Fanning.
    Girl, you are gorgeous.
    Your skin is so light, you can pull off so many colors.
    Why do you always wear white?
    I want to see you in some crazy dresses, like KStew!
    And, also, hon, DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR HAIR!
    Don't wear it down, parted down the middle anymore.
    Please. Your hair could be so beautiful, if you did something with it.
    Brookelynn :)


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